MTV or Plea TV

Blakk Bart: Well, well, well..MTV does it again with the premieres of T.I’s “Road to Redemption” and “From G’s to Gents” season 2. In TIP’s Road To Redemption, the first episode was the introduction of TIP Harris’ community service venture by intervening in the lives of several Atlanta youths in hopes to change their direction and prevent them from making the same mistakes he did.Now dont get me wrong, I’ve been down With TIP since he dropped IM SERIOUS (True hood classic) in 2001 and know through his songs this mane is tryin to right his wrongs from the past but I hope he continues to do so after he get out the big house so these kids can develop a swagga like us!!
Now Mr. Bentley is back with a whole new hood ass colorful cast with sum bullshit hairstyles Ive ever seen and sum Jays I dont think Mike ever released but mane sum of these muthafukas look too rehearsed and ya boy personally think these folks is staight up acting..I dont know too many thugs who uses the internet especially if you claim to live on the street..Who da hell gone let you google on they shit to see when auditions for the next castings are??? Beats me but we gone keep these shows under the microscope… What yall think????


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