BatlleLines 7

Favorisntfair: 1986. Ms. Ellen’s Kindergarden class is where I had to take this hoe’s man. James was his name. Bringing me candy necklace’s was his game. During recess this little girl approached me on the playground during recess about her man. *Thinking, I got something for this broad cause she clearly tripping.* (Stupid broads been trying me since I was a youngin….but I digress.) So the next day, I had my Momma to put some extra pink oil moisturizer in my ponytails so they would be extra wavy, shiny and bouncy. I wore my favorite plaid ruffled shirt, my stonewash jeans and my pink hi-top reeboks and let that heifer have it. “You can roll your eyes, you can stomp your feet, but this black girl you sholl (yes sholl, don’t judge me, my Momma was not there to make me use correct English and Ms. Ellen was probably smoking a square somewhere) can’t beat!” Then I rapped this lyric:

♫♪I’ll take your man, your fiancee, your husband
You ain’t Alice, this ain’t Wonderland
And when I say I will you know I can
Don’t mess with me cuz I’ll take your man♫♪

Me and her man my man James rolled out and I got a whole bag of candy necklaces that day. I was high maintenance even then! *standing in Run DMC stance* Hmpf!

Blakk Bart: Wow our guest opponent came out hard back in the 80’s wit dat track..I must say I am impressed but Ima do it like dis..The year 2000 Brawley Hall..
Random Chick: Naw we can be cool I gotta man..
Blak Bart: Oh really I aint trying to be yo man..but we can be specials friends
Random Chick: What kind of special friends?


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