Damn Fool Of The Week

In our effort to bring you the freshest fuckery, we present to you our guest columnst, Skoob. He has an eye for shenanigans and we’ve invited him here to point highlight our Damn Fool of the Week. Every Friday, or when we feel like posting it (if it’s late, don’t get ignant) he’ll be bringing you the week’s most retarted ass and their antics in a way only he can explain it. In addition we will be hosting his vlog here on the site where you get several minutes of bullshittery as only he can spin it. Without further adieu………THE DAMN FOOL OF THE WEEK!!!

I could talk about Que from Day 26…who’s estrogen level exceeds that of a woman in her sexual peak years!…But No…

I could talk about Jim Jones’ stupid antics, getting arrested and Twittering about it, which may be thee single most WORTHLESS Website in the world…But No…

I could also talk about countless athletes who LOVE to get arrested, and do ANYTHING BUT…play ball and be MILLIONAIRES…But No…

Instead…lets talk about what makes me about us…US as in Us African Americans…This Tom Foolio Ass Dude, Plies!…

This dude has a new reality show coming out, similar to all the VH1 Love shows, or public displays of sex, and not to mention, placing about 20 women at your disposal…think College for the world to see! Lol…Speaking of College, you would NEVER know that Plies has College Education, but referrences himself as a GOON…well, this “Goon,” has taken this Goon Bafoonery to a NEW LEVEL…this dude has a reality show in which he is in search…Of a GOONETTE…Yes A Female GOON…

WTF is a Goonette!?!?!…And better yet…Who would lower themselves to be called that…LET ALONE ENTER A COMPETITION FOR THE LOWLY TITLE??? Talk about having a GOAL in life…

This guy has single handedly set US back about 20 years w/this Tom Foolery…Anyone forget we just got a Black President in Office…Uhh Yeah…President Barack Obama…Heard of him????

Well, that’s not all…Yes it can get worse…The feature highlights a…Drum-roll please…A MIDGET STRIPPER!!!???!!!…

This chick goes on to say how she doesn’t mind that ppl look at her as, “A Freak Of Nature!” SAD SAD DAY!!!!

And this lil Inch High Private Eye, has KIDS!!!!


I’m Out…The Kid Skoob


1 Response to “Damn Fool Of The Week”

  1. 1 Ezzi
    May 14, 2009 at 10:06 AM

    That’s a DAMN SHAME!!! I saw a clip for that show & I thought it was FAKE!! *sigh*

    The WORST part about this whole thing is that PEOPLE WILL WATCH & THERE WILL BE A 2ND SEASON!!! Agggrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! SAVE ME!

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