Ohhhhhhh, It Ain’t My Fault

Wow, never thought a Master P song would come in handy. Anyway, tomorrow E! is presenting LL Cool J (Ladies Love Cool Juice) on their E! True Hollywood Story. We all know he’s a rap pioneer. We all know he has more longevity than that uncle who’s still making babies at 67. What’s interesting to me is that he discusses that coaster that was Exit 13, his last album for Def Jam. He says,

The record just really honestly, you know, didn’t have that support that I wish it would have had. [I] can’t blame anyone. It was my last record, and I guess for whatever reason, whether it was quality or business, you know, the company just decided that they were going to write it off and not really give it that shot.

Sooooo, what he’s basically saying is that nobody did anything wrong but it’s all the label’s fault. Nevermind that his last 2 or 3 albums Spongebobed (hopped on the deck and flopped like a fish) or that nobody has been checking for him since Mama Said Knock You Out. Next he’ll be saying “The Man” is holding him back.


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