Damn Fool Of The Week

Ok, The Kid Is Back Again, With A Weekly Air Out! And who’s the victim?…Hmm…since it happened last week, I won’t make it the bulk of this week’s assassination…The Real World/Road Rules Challenge

Did anyone peep how the dude Adam, yes son of one of the Commodores (Lol), got ERASED!!!! by CT…WOW! These two get into a beef that should’ve NEVER happened! CT knocks off some lil freak on the roof out by the pool and his ex-girlfriend gets mad, complains to Adam, and he tells her if dude (CT), even hints at knockin off the lil freak jawn, he’ll tell her…hahaa, “Silly Negro!” The word got around, which the Ex caught wind of, and CT came at the little Commodore, solely based off an assumption, that Adam ran his mouth to his Ex-Girl, and confirmed CT hittin the freak! I’ll give the little engine that wish he didn’t, some credit…he didn’t back down from CT, who outweighs this dude by a cool 60 lbs, and is about a good 6 inches taller…Crazy, but gangsta-white boy, CT cocked back that right hand and completely removed Adam from the TV Screen…DAMN!!! Failing My Man!…The battle continued, and the little tyke put up a valiant effort, but…think Ivan Drago vs. Apollo Creed….Uhh, Yeah, EPIC FAILURE!!! For that u’ve earned a Co-Fool of the week!

Who do you share it with??? Gotta go w/the lil Pony Boy from College Hill…This MF runs his mouth more than the worst gossiping female from your old high school…This dude is way too flamboyant for TV, and what’s worse, BET is airing this program w/this Human Torch parading around on it, screaming and hollering like a lil spoiled princess! HORRIBLE…I can’t F w/the dude Brandon like that, but I did wish homeboy sock the shyt outta this dude…Can’t F w/Brandon becuz, My man, What Were You Thinkin!!! Dude pretty much had his choice of chick on the first nite, and this dumbass messes w/the lil Hood Azz Young Jawn, and Loses on the Prize of the house, that is Tiffany…DAMN, Blackanese lookin chick that looks like she’d feel like a bed of silk laying next to! Lol…but at least he’s a fan OF Estrogen, and not FULL OF IT!!! So The other Fool, gotta go w/the lil Pony Boy Kyle from College Hill!


1 Response to “Damn Fool Of The Week”

  1. 1 djfreezy
    April 21, 2009 at 11:44 AM

    I’m mad ol boy got hit and kept up the fight inside the house….but when they were outside, why did he run….he was talking all dat good shit till he got punched in his eye!

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