Damn Fool Of The Week

Ok we’re back w/the weekly air-out…3rd installment style…Go IN!

Aight, so this week, I think I’ll come for…the wonderful world of advertising!…”The Ultimate Setup” In case you haven’t noticed, many, if not all, commercials that feature African Americans, usually involve us playing a sport, singing/rapping, or dancing…or of course looking like an idiot…case and point see the Pixels commercial…Fat Black Man says…”Red, why do I have to be pink? Pink makes me look chubby?” Then follows up with a ridiculous facial expression…lol.

Then of course we have McDonalds…from the commercial w/the little lite skin kid beat boxing while he eats his nuggets, to everyone’s favorite, Oh I thought that was a real video, McNugget Lovin…DAMN!

There was also a Best Buy commercial, which was COMPLETELY about some electronics, and then has a black dude doing some random dance outta nowhere…but the one that might take the cake…There was a deodorant commercial, which a black dude portrays some type of athlete or entertainer and is walking down the red carpet w/his lady friend…Random photographer yells, “Do The Dance Man.” Black Guy laughs, then does some sort of Chicken Head type dance…looking like a Shuckin-n-Jivin Silly Negro!

HOWEVER, clearly there is a greater power that inspired this week’s forum…

Black Ppl, why o why did we fall for the trap??? Just like they set it up to happen…

Popeye’s recently advertised that they were giving away 8 Pieces of Fried Chicken for a little over 4 Dollars! DAMN!!! So what happened once we got wind of that…well first and foremost, there was a black woman in the damn commercial advertisement…consider that the worm on the fishing line, saying I’m gonna give u 8 pieces of my chicken for 4 bucks…Wow…don’t u know every News camera, and media outlet charged the HELL outta their cameras after that…Thinkin…YES WE’RE GONNA GET’EM NOW!!!…Don’t u know there were LINES of nikkas DOWN THE DAMN BLOCK! Waitin for some f’n FRIED CHICKEN!!! Damn, that’s is ridiculous! Not to mention, it’s extemely EMBARASSING! We line up for some damn Chicken, but won’t line up to vote, go to school, community service, etc…BUT, tell’em we givin away Chicken, Fat ppl are CLEARING half of their day! Shyt, might as well had a damn Kool-Aid and Watermelon stand next to it…DAMN

Let’s go ppl…we gotta do better!!!

The Kid


1 Response to “Damn Fool Of The Week”

  1. 1 favorisntfair
    April 27, 2009 at 1:47 AM

    I really despise McDonalds and all it does to the black community. That is all.

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