Damn Fool Of The Week

Ok Ok…We’re back ppl…now, all sensitive ppl, leave now…

Now everyone’s aware of the Double Standard, u know, A dude hits a lot of chix, He’s The Man! A girl hits a lot of dudes, She’s A Jump! Yeah I know, it sux, but…thats how it is, and it might be something that NEVER changes…I dont make the rules…I just Re-iterate them!

This segway’s to the subject of this week’s Damn Fool of the Week…Gotta come for my man Ray J.

Dog…yeah u did the right thing pickin Cocktail…one of the baddest on the show…I liked Stacks, Cashmere, A Mute Caviar, and Chardonnay looked like her backshots would NEVER get old! DAMN!

Unique, ok she was pretty kinda…but she looked like an AUNT, AND, if u wife her, and have a baby….DEEEZZZAAAAMMM…cuz shorty is gonna look like she multiplied…def. Big Girl Potential! And umm…yeah at the reunion special…WOW…shorty looked like she trapped a bunch of cats around the way, skinned them…then decided to WEAR them…Chick had 30% of the weave in Compton on her head…F***!

But speakin of the West Coast…the culprit that inspired this Ray J assassination…DANGER! Now shorty wasn’t that bad lookin, even w/the Tatoo, crazy yeah, but that’s not even why I’m comin for her…Now…The fact that she became the subject of everybody’s favorite Facebook Status Update, Song in the shower, or Laundry Tune…”Danger, She Smashed The Homies!”

That’s somethin that I feel some type of way about, but ONLY, if ur close w/the person…Think about it…U hit the girl/guy…and u KNOW that she/he is a Freak, and how they perform…U REALLY want ur boy to know ur girl likes to be handcuffed, or dress up like a Nurse…lol, think about it, at ur wedding, this dude is standin next to u, and u just happen to hear…”Damn, this n**** is REALLY gonna enjoy his honeymoon, DAMN!” NOOOO WAY!…I’d tell the Pastor to stop the wedding, while I knock this MF into the first Pew!

But, thee dagger of the whole thing…DANGER WAS A FORMER PROSTITUTE!!! U know…Hookers at the Point, Paid for sex…Ray!?!?! My man…u realize u prolly kissed 60% of the N***** in the BAY…I mean have u hear E-40 talk? How about Keak The Sneak? And u followin up right behind them…EPIC FAIL!!! AND!!!! This chick was rumored to be Holding YOUR BABY!!!! U know what…I can’t even keep goin dog…U almost PICKED HER??? Please tell me that was a ratings move…HIT THAT CLINIC FAM-LEY!!!! I’m Out!

The Kid


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