Damn Fool Of The Week

And Here….We….Go….
Back again, to fry another soul, call out another lame for their mishaps, and their embarassments to themselves, and others around them!
So let’s see….Hmmm…Well in Honorable Mention of this week…I’m quite shocked to be honest because this person is far more intelligent that this.
The womb every broke man in America would love to fertilize, the L that for some reason, isn’t an L simply because of that paper, the woman who just might be the first woman on a sum of money, Oprah Winfrey!
Oprah!  Come on now!  You’re a very intelligent person, and are adored by many women in the world.  These women hang onto each and every word you say, and are almost a female version of Diddy, being that there’s almost nothing you can’t do in your life, and NOT be accepted for.  So we thought…Ms. Winfrey…were you NOT paying attention to the situation of a few weeks ago…I mean we’re in a recession right?…Right?  What does Oprah do…the lady goes and endorses people to go get themselves some Free Chicken!  COME ON MAN!!!!  DAMN!!! I guess I’m one of the few that saw how bad we looked w/the scene at Popeyes last week, not to mention how embarassed I was.  So Oprah of all people, one of “Our Own,” endorses free chicken…I mean couldn’t you have sponsored something else…figured out something ELSE to write off on your taxes…Sheesh.  I even had a laugh today with one of my homeboy’s who, yes, printed multiple copies of that free coupon, AND, returned to the KFC dressed differently the day after, to ENSURE SUCCESS!  Look what u’ve done Oprah, Got Nikkas Disguising Themselves To Get Free Chicken!!!  Never thought Halloween was a multiple month holiday!  SHYT!
Surprisingly enough, Oprah wasn’t the biggest shock of the week.  LOL, and thank goodness we’ve managed to escape this type of embarassment.  Recently, current Louisiana Senator David Vitter, a Republican, found out who is attempting to compete for his seat.  But before we get to that, Vitter, who claims to be a wholesome Christian Family Values Man, has recently faced media scrutiny in the form of his involvment with Prositutes.  Why does it seem like damn near EVERY Politician gets caught up in payin for P****???  It’s either stuff like that, cheating on their spouse with someone else involved in their political party, or of course, creeping on the side with someone of the Same Sex!  HORRIBLE!!!  But, as the saying goes, “The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree!”  This saying can be applied here because…..the person competing for this Louisiana Seat, is a former Porn Star, Stormy Daniels!

 LOL, Yes this woman is a bonafide, legit Flick Chick!  This isn’t just some bullet hole jawn u can find in ur local bootleggers bag of goodies…No No No…this is a bonafide D*** S****** CHAMP!!!  She’s won several AVN (Adult Video Networks) Awards for her Bedroom Skillset!  While I’m not chastising her for her past…My question is…WHO THE F IS GONNA TAKE HER SERIOUS???  She’s on CNN stating just how serious she is about running…and I’m sorry, like everyone else, I immediately start lookin at the goods!  I mean shyt…this chick IS A CHAMPION RIGHT!  She’s gonna be the butt of jokes for YEARS if she actually wins…matter fact…she’ll be the butt of jokes just for the THOUGHT ALONE…MAN…She’ll have to deal with COUNTLESS People coming at her…might F around and find one of the secret service agents standing around randomly w/his man out, JUST TO SEE WHAT SHE’LL DO! Lol…Well I guess if former Crackheads can hold some sort of Government Office, and a Black Man can be trusted with the country…then I guess a woman who was getting paid to get Sprayed In The Face, can be takin seriously in a formal political debate…Right? Lol, Guess We’ll Have To See…One thing’s for sure…She might put her fans in the hospital w/all the Abuse They’ll Be Rendering On Themselves Each Time She Speaks!
The Kid


2 Responses to “Damn Fool Of The Week”

  1. 1 favorisntfair
    May 9, 2009 at 8:01 PM

    This is an excellent post! I must say I was somewhat surprised at the KFC coupon but after reading the comments on Oprah’s site, I saw that it was clearly in need as many who watch her show were rather hungry and broke. That is not a good combination. Needless, to say, she was full of good intention. Now the “bust it on me baby” running for political office clearly has decided that she needs to put all that protein she’s been downing to some good use and use her brain for the bettering of society…I guess. Can’t wait to see how this works out at the poles..I mean polls.

  2. 2 Ezzi
    May 14, 2009 at 10:44 AM

    LMAO @ Can’t wait to see how this works out at the poles..I mean polls.

    The worst part about the “Free chicken” incident is that people were PRESSED to get some of that chicken. Ok yes it’s a recession & all that good stuff. But dude…are you going to KFC w/ your Gucci jacket, True Religion jeans, & Marc Jacobs shirt…waiting in line for over an hr to get FREE CHICKEN that usually cost $3.99!!!! WOOOOOOOW! JUDGEMENT! *sigh*

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