Damn Fool Of The Week

Ok People, as always, welcome to the weekly roast, known as the Damn Fool Of The Week…
This week was much quieter, and must less chicken filled that the past two weeks, and Thank Goodnes that those stupid Swine Flu jokes have stopped!  Some of yall LOVE Forwards! DAMN
But anyway…let’s see…ahh yes!  Even tho the week was filled with less Negro Foolishness (or of course), The Mad Dash for the Colonel’s Recipe…we did see an extremem amount of flesh!
Let’s start with the good…

Rhi Rhi…yes Rhianna’s Nekkkidd, and very nice body was found on the net. *sidebar, whoever released those pics, u find me at a bar, ur good for the nite my friend!  Sheesh!  No wonder why Chris Breezy was goin crazy, those backshots look GLORIOUS!  And she got the nipples pierced…DAMN…Always thought she was a nice looking girl, and def. looked like she had freak appeal…but having it confirmed is ALWAYS a good thing!  Round of applause for Rhi Rhi’s parents…YA DUN GOOD!!!
Speakin’ of a freak…Hoopz has a full lenght feature on the way, with a small sampler floating around the net(Note: We have the sample posted – Billy Bad Ass)…I am def. a fan of this girl’s work, and thought she was a little under-rated on Flavor Of Love…the girl is bad, can’t front about that…thats why she had these dudes goin crazy on TV for ALL to see…How the F is this nikka Real gonna propose to this girl, from them doing absolutely NOTHING!!! I really hope that was just the set-up for their show, cuz DAMN…I heard of being Sprung, but this nikka was P**** Whipped, and aint had no P****! LOSIN FAM!!!  But Hoopz, why O why…did EVER go on Flavor of Love and kiss this project result of a Crackhead and N.Y.’s finest Subway Pet known as The Rat’s mating mistake, b.k.a. Flavor Flav…I heard of paying ur dues…but DAMN!!!!  Take a good look at that nikka! Lol!  Either way…get that video out for the public, I just hope the beast we all think u are, holds true!

But on to the Damn Fool of the week…or should I say Flop…Cassie!  WTF…this girl goes and takes some lil flicks of herself, and gets her computer hacked.  My question is…WHY were u taking the pics?  You have the body of a 10 year old boy!  Were they supposed to be appealing?  Were u taking the pics to present the areas of improvement for your doctor?  I mean what???  Now dont get it twisted…Pretty Girl…but we’re not talkin about a Cover Girl ad…we’re talkin about pics of her spreading all the goods for your viewing pleasure, or displeasure.  The funny thing is, that as soon as the pics came out…Rhi Rhi’s came out, and totally negated those Cassie flicks…I almost wanted to turn myself in for looking at them…That body is in the bottom half of America…Screaming for a baby to come fill it out for u!  Something to think about, seeing as how singing and dancing don’t seem to be part of that skill-set…think it’s about time to think out our career path.  Modeling maybe…Playboy Spread in the future…Haha, I seriously doubt it…but if that’s the route u choose…be ready to be seen as a Human Science Project, becuz u need THAT MUCH WORK!!!
The Kid


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