Girl, Sit Your Dumb Ass Down

We’re always improving and expanding here at DamnFools so we’ve decided to dedicate a column strictly to the ladies. Frequent visitor and longtime commenter Favorisntfair has agreed to grace us with her opinion every Wednesday. Ladies, pay special attention and grab some knowledge, fellas, you might learn something too. And without further adieu, GIRL, SIT YOUR DUMB ASS DOWN!!!

This is the isht that happens when you mix the removal of layaway, a recession, bad credit and the thirst for living or at least watching the good life on TV. These high maintenance broads decided to personalize a stimulus package and steal a 52-inch TV from Wal-Mart. Now this is clearly a crackhead move to me, but they took the liberty of planning and executing this theft quite carefully by role-playing .*picks up a bone that fell out my closet* One of them posed as an employee in Wal-Mart gear (including a walkie-talkie for authenticity) and the other posed as the customer (and guide to direct her partner to the promise land). However, for the coup de gras, they gave Wal-Mart one more opportunity to provide the 100% customer satisfaction they pride themselves for by recruiting some of the real employees to help them load it up in their car, truck, trailer or whatever the hell they rode out in. These thieving bishes are still yet to be caught.

Wal-Mart might want to rethink that age 75 minimum for being a greeter. Thanks be to the baby in a manger Jesus their were no casualties as thieves typically go hard for the isht they work hard to steal and clearly checking receipts and smiling ain’t what it used to be. Check their references.

-Favor really isn’t fair…Deal With It!


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