Damn Fool Of The Week

Wow, sorry it took me a min. to get back w/yall…but this one was EZ!

It’s almost like MF’s hand u Tom-Foolery on a silver platter…But this may be the FAILURE OF THE YEAR!!!

This Very questionable MF from Pretty Ricky, this nikka that calls himself…Spectacular!


First off…WHAT GROWN MAN CALLS HIMSELF SPECTACULAR????…This idiot has the most talked about video on youtube. For those that haven’t seen it…this dumbass is in front of his camera…in his UNDERWEAR…no make that some panties he grabbed off a Panty Depot Blowout Special…This A**hole is standing damn near Nekkid…yes Nekkid, not naked…when it’s something this idiotic, it calls for matching idiocies. To start…this dude is in the camera callin out, “Them Boys That Be Grindin!” HUH??? Wait a min. you’re standing damn near nude…calling out some Nikkas??? WTF does Usher, Chris Brown, Day 26, etc… have to do w/you in some damn draws??? Ur into girls so u say…but how are there F’n DUDES on your brain, when damn near nude???

Hmmm…Sounds a little suspect to me…I for one didn’t make it past the first few seconds of the video…but apparantly…this guy starts dancing in a VERY UN-MANLIKE way…HORRIBLE…EPIC FAIL!!! Now the funny thing…THIS NIKKA PLANNED THIS!!!! Like what were you thinkin?? “Yeah I’ma put on these lil panties and talk about grindin comin at Usher and them, and see what they do in response!” WHAT??? Haha, then you UPLOAD IT!!! G’DAMN yo…you just 86’d your WHOLE GROUP (Bloggers Note – Word on the street is they got dropped from their label thanks to this – Billy Bad Ass)…I’d jump you if I was the rest of them…AND FILM THAT!!! This may be one of the single most DUMBEST things I’ve ever seen one of US do!…Who was gasin’ you like yeah son thats hot…pose in them lil draws and get at them nikkas???

Dog…that doesn’t even SOUND REMOTELY COOL!!! Like WTF did u expect them to say??? Oh hell nah, I’ma go get me a speedo and shyt on this nikka!…What a DUMBASS!!! And, not to mention…haha…you might have made the ponies’ day!…I’m sure they’re passing this lil video THROUGHOUT Chelsea…U have just been put into MASSIVE BLADE ROTATION my man…CONGRATS!!!

Mighta just shot urself in the Azz w/this one….LITERALLY!!!

The Kid


3 Responses to “Damn Fool Of The Week”

  1. 1 SBM
    May 29, 2009 at 1:31 PM

    Wow … just wow.

  2. 2 damnfools
    May 29, 2009 at 4:16 PM

    Speechless, that’s how we like to keep em around here.

  3. 3 favorisntfair
    May 31, 2009 at 10:29 PM

    All I know is that nigga bet (yes bet) not ever go to jail…cause he gone be performing daily.

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