Girl, Sit Your Dumb Ass Down

No need for formal greetings and salutations. Let’s just get right into it. Now that you don’t have ash on the brain (if you paid close attention last week), lets brainstorm on some randomness. I have some questions that I felt like only my peeps on Damnfools could answer. They are in not in order of importance, so here goes:

1. Now that Kobe has finally won a championship without Shaq, does this mean that he will now reunite with his personality and bring it out in public with him?
2. Will his wife Vanessa stop using sharpie fine point markers to draw on her eyebrows in celebration of Kobe’s big accomplishment?
2. How swaggerific would I feel pushing a hot pink Land Rover ?
3. If I win the bid, does this mean that I am destined to be an eternal fiancee like LaLa? I cast that down to the fiery pits of hell, hmpf!
4. With all the free tail walking up and down the streets, johns are paying for women who look like this?
5. With all the free tail walking up and down the streets, aren’t johns beneath simps for paying for sex in 2009?
6. Will Shaq get off of Dwight Howard’s nuts already ?
7. When is future ex-husband’s Drake’s album coming out?
8. Why am I falling in love with hip-hop all over again listening to his ish on YouTube?
9. Is Lil Weezy the p*ssy monster for real to be impregnanting all these chicks? Cause he surely looks like it.
10. Will high class tricking ever stop?

Think before you answer and cool off while I get the heat ready for next week.

-Favor Really Isn’t Fair, Deal With It!


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