Girl, Sit Your Dumb Ass Down

What Are You Doing?

As I was doing my Pilate’s, or should I say after I was finished (cause I ain’t thinking about shat but my core and breathing while Mari Winsor be working me out); I was thinking about how people are always talking about how they are going to get themselves together, do things different and start over. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard, “Girl, its a new year, I’m doing _________ this year!” or “I’m focused!”, but once the “I’m-gone-get-my-shat-together” pep rally dies down or the alcohol from the New Year’s party wears off its back to business as usual; struggling and dreaming and wishing. I’ve definitely been guilty of this and have been working on talking less and doing way more. I have learned to focus on short term goals and make incremental steps toward my larger goals while visualizing the end result along the way. Its been a transformation but I feel like I’m finally getting where I need to be.

So with that being said, I began to wonder, when you make these declarations, what pushes you over the edge to finally do what you’ve been talking about? You know, when do you stop talking about it and be about it and stop holding all these pep rallies and finally get out and play the game? Is it when your only choice for clothes is the big girls stores? Is it that last text you send to your girl/dude that got no response? Or is it when the your manager is leaning and rocking on your last nerve that you decide to go ahead and sign up for classes are start getting your resume together for a career move and not another dead-end job? My defining moments and inspiration has come in various ways in the last 11 months. The inauguration, the opportunity to get a second degree (for free snitches!!!!) and the ability to just relax and enjoy myself has been rather enlightening. I’ve really began to see the importance of improving the total person versus just trying to obtain wealth, things and titles. There is so much more to life than things since ultimately, none of it matters when we leave this Earth.

I also began to wonder if like myself, do other people think about their new beginning or what I like to call my personal fiscal year? With my birthday coming up in less than 3 weeks, I always consider that day to be my fiscal year; my new beginning for changes and new experiences hoped for as I embark upon a new year. I always challenge myself to accomplish more than I did in the last year. I challenge you to think about what you have done since New Year’s, your birthday, or the last defining moment in your life (inauguration, MJ’s death, Michael Vick getting off house arrest) to better yourself or your situation. No visuals today, just want you to visualize your last epiphany or big idea and ask yourself, what have YOU been doing lately to accomplish it?

Visualizing my greatness,



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