Girl Sit Your Dumb Ass Down

I want to keep it light this week since my b-day is Saturday ( an I got a spa day out of this world planned!) . Here are 15 things (not in any particular things) that I thought I’d never say I couldn’t live without.

1. GNC Megawoman Multivitamins- my energy be on another level w/ these!

2. A nap -d*mn I miss living on campus!

3. Sunscreen (SPF 30 or better baybay! Wrinkle free is for me!)

4. 1000+ thread count Egyptian Cotton Sheets- if you don’t know, get ’em in your life (or bed for that matter) and you’ll sleep like a newborn babe.

5. Quality friends- I went through a me against the world phase; thank God I saw the light…lol.

6. Personalized Fashion Lookbook – your look should be put together, not thrown together or right off the rack…be original w/ your shat!

7. Laughter- I can’t go a day without laughing. It truly soothes the soul. Even if I am sick as a dog I will find something to laugh at (even myself…I’m easily amused. Don’t judge me). I follow folks on twitter just because they go HAM and make my day…ALL DAY!

8. Private time w/ God- there is nothing like meditating and really hearing Him for myself. This also keeps me from putting my salvation on the curb and popping the trunk on these folks that want to try me.
9. Carmex- I don’t care if I got on MAC lipglass, NARS lipgloss or the baddest YSL lipstick combo…carmex takes me higher with the smooth lips beneath the glamorous shades. Crusty, cracked lips +lipstick and/or lipgloss=hot arse mess!

10. Enemies- they stretch my faith in God and motivate me to keep doing what’s right (or whatever’s got them hating and talking cause clearly I’m doing something right if you spending your days and/or nights thinking bout me). I’m always praying for your hating, bitter arse. Love ya more:)

11. Coupons-anyone who knows me is clear on the fact that if there is a coupon,email club, birthday club or savings of any sort for an item, I can find it. (Think I might do a post on being a fashionista on a budget)

12. Common Sense- I have met a lot of stupid bishes w/tons of book sense but they are dumb as a doorknob about life. Common sense is REALLY not that common. It can’t be taught so I praise my cross-bearing Jesus for taking extra special care of babies and fools. If you reading this, you’re not a baby *blank stare at your dumb arse*.

13. Spanx- as a proud, healthier member of the CGWO (Curvy Girls World Order) this keeps the lady lumps in order when the fabric is not forgiving… GLO-RAY!

14. The Power of NO- when I gained this…I became a brand new person! It took a long time to permanently erase the WELCOME sign imprinted on my forehead (along w/ the timberland boot prints of people walking all over my arse too) and integrate the word NO into my vocabulary and the ability to stand firmly behind my decision. I can proudly say I am not a people pleaser for about 6 years strong!

15. Social Networking/Blogs – I have met some of the nicest, kindest people (even though I stay incognegro on them sites…don’t need ninjas stalking me via the innanet) and developed some great friendships, working relationships and partnerships. There are some blogs out here in addition to damnfools (don’t be side eyeing me Billy) that I have to check daily to get my “LOLSmileyface” on (love you Treyz Songz…okay I digress).

So what things can you not live without? Think a lil deeper than the laptop, crackberry or loubou’s you rock. I cooled it off this week but next week… Stop Lying, You Don’t Want The Truth: Part 1- Do Chicks Really Want The Truth?

Favor Really Isn’t Fair, Deal With It!


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