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Call A Stretcher

This nigga has officially dropped his cereal. He has been doing some questionable things lately but now there is no hope. May his career and his dignity rest in peace.


Just What You Didn’t Want To See

There are way better vaginas out there but we take em where we can get em. Here Tiffany “New York” Pollard was washing her underwear at the laundromat and decided on an impromptu photo shoot. It’s good to know she keeps that beaver pelt managed.


Let’s Dance, Lets Shout

So here I was watching the Black Embarassment Television awards and wondering, where’s the dance tribute? We all know that Mike wasn’t THAT great of a singer as an adult but as a showman there was none higher. So as I sat and listened to Ciara warble her way through “Heal The World” I’m looking around for C. Beaty or at least Usher to do SOMETHING. Turns out there was controversy in the camp as always. According to Necole Bitchie,

In fact, I hear BET eventually gave him the green light to perform before calling him back with the news that it probably wouldn’t be in their best interest. Why??? Let’s just say, Cover Girl (endorsed by Rihanna) was one of the sponsors of this year’s BET Awards and they threatened they would pull their sponsorship from the Awards show if they allowed Chris to perform.

That sponsor money will always win out in the end. Guess he’ll have to perform “Beat It” on his own time.


No Money, Mo Problems

Looks like Bow Wizzle got his wish. After bitching about his flop of an album not getting the attention it deserved, Scrappy Doo went on Twitter to complain. He stated that he was not happy about his current label situation and would like to be let out of his contract. Well our God is a giving God because the pound puppy got his wish. He has been dropped from Columbia with none other than Jim “Pigpen” Jones. The fact that Dirt MgGirk had a contract in the first place is beyond me but he always has his “movement” (side-eye) to fall back on. The only person eating over at Columbia is Beyonce, Matthew makes sure of that.


Pacman Be Damned

Back like I left something after a hiatus. The fuckery doesn’t stop so neither do I. It would seem that only my black ass is in a recession because Plies is filthy fuckin rich. To promote his new single “Plenty Money” the “rapper” (if you want to call him that) got a set of models to throw $50k into the audience. There were 22,000 people in the audience so imagine my surprise when I didn’t hear about riots. This is right up there with T-Pizzle and his big ass chain. I guess money and fools are soon parted. He should be giving that cash to a worthy cause, like my student loan payments.


You People Make Me Sick



Your Favorite Rapper Sucks

And Soulbounce was kind enough to produce a top 10 list of reasons why. Gems include

4. “This is my life; this is what I went through growing up in these streets!”
Some rappers will assume that because something “really happened to them” that it infuses their work with more integrity, which is inversely proportional to his level of talent. He will anoint himself a “street reporter” and contend that he’s imparting the realities of the streets, specifically the streets on which he was raised since those are the most treacherous and bloody

So to all the Gucci Mane, Oj Da Juiceman, and Souljaboy fans, this one’s for you.

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