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There’s No Reason For This

With all the medical advancements we have in modern lotions, I find this unacceptable. She must have cracker her Ped-Egg, scrambled it (with cheeze) and had it with toast. You just know her husbands shins bear the scars of her sins. His shins and their sheets, heaven help them both.


Now, Was That Really Smart?

See ladies, this is whay happens when you get old, your tatoos do too. She was probably all sexy when she got the Red Queen’s rose garden at 21 but oh how the mighty have fallen. Now she’s a dried out, sunburnt husk and those plants have withered and died. So to that chick who got the eagle on her pussy, you’re going to have a buzzard in 20 years. That butterfly on your back is going to shrivel back up into a caterpillar. Please think before you ink.


Say It Ain’t So, A Special Report

Rumor mill has it that Frankie…Keyshia Cole’s mother, is pregnant. I promise to my everlasting Heavenly Father on high that if this is true, yall gone have to see me on the other side in a PYT video w/MJ,James Brown and Rick James I’m Rich Bish cause this is some straight bullshat! I mean, I’m trying to understand this madness…but my friend said that its the fact that she can take them dentures out and suck a man’s balls through his toes that’s got ’em shook. *shout out to NBA…I’m still recovering from this statement* Fellas, please let me know is this one of the deal breakers that will have you forgetting all about child support payments, pushing strollers at the superbowl and turning in your singles for the strip club for coupons for pullups? What’s really good?

So classy.

-Favor is clearly not fair as shown above please respect it deal with it…SMH


Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down

This is the shit that happens when you run your shit. I held off on reporting until some good shit went on. As we’ve been seeing the last few days, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton got his lip split after talking about “Fugly” Fergie. Well’s manager didn’t take too kindly to that and his fist had a meeting with Perez’s face. That was the recap. Now Perez’s bitch ass is suing dude, Polo Molina. I have a new goal for this year.

Step 1. Get invited to a celebrity party.
Step 2. Insult someone famous.
Step 3. Get my ass beat by said famous person.
Step 4. Pay off my student loans.

Don’t judge me.


White Lines

Well it seems that things are looking up for Scott Storch. Details are scant but he has inked a deal to star in his own reality show. My first thought was Celebrity Rehab but I’m often wrong. The show will focus on Storch and the “hot Miami music scene.” Ummm ok. All I’m interested in is how he can sniff up $30 mil in a single bound. Music be damned.


When It Rains…..

And the Lil Weasel news keeps on coming. After that Spongebob of an album with Lil Milkbone, Omarion was dropped from his label like dishes in a Tom and Jerry cartoon. Now he’s signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money Imprint. There he will get to languish in limbo with such artists as Drake (UNSIGNED mixtape prince with a hit record), Nicki Minaj (Called the new Lil Kim/Foxy with a flow and no deal) and other weed carriers of no importance. Good luck with that.


The Etherization Continues

The saga continues. Now the proprietors of niggadry, WorldStarHipHop have got into the game. Check out this hilarious cartoon of the reactions of Spectacular’s “challengers”.

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