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Just What You Didn’t Want To See

There are way better vaginas out there but we take em where we can get em. Here Tiffany “New York” Pollard was washing her underwear at the laundromat and decided on an impromptu photo shoot. It’s good to know she keeps that beaver pelt managed.


Say It Ain’t So, A Special Report

Rumor mill has it that Frankie…Keyshia Cole’s mother, is pregnant. I promise to my everlasting Heavenly Father on high that if this is true, yall gone have to see me on the other side in a PYT video w/MJ,James Brown and Rick James I’m Rich Bish cause this is some straight bullshat! I mean, I’m trying to understand this madness…but my friend said that its the fact that she can take them dentures out and suck a man’s balls through his toes that’s got ’em shook. *shout out to NBA…I’m still recovering from this statement* Fellas, please let me know is this one of the deal breakers that will have you forgetting all about child support payments, pushing strollers at the superbowl and turning in your singles for the strip club for coupons for pullups? What’s really good?

So classy.

-Favor is clearly not fair as shown above please respect it deal with it…SMH


Girl, Sit Your Dumb Ass Down

10 Reason You Might Need To Put Your P*ssy On A Pedastal

* Because you feel a need to embarass yourself, your family, your race and gender by appearing on Maury multiple times to find your baby daddy even though you are 3000075000021213213149873214% sure that HE is the daddy err time .

* You can’t remember the names of the men you’ve slept with don’t let these ninjas have you thinking its okay to do what they do…hoes get f*cked, not taken home to meet the parentsand have to check phone records and text messages to determine who you was with and when

* When all your kids are together, it looks like the “We Are The World” video *RIP MJ*side eye at this ghetto arse reference to the greatest.

* You are the young bish in the club begging and booty tooting for free drinks

* You are now the old bish in the club begging and booty tootin for free drinks

* You constantly complaining about the ninjas running in and out your life and your p*ssy, but you always crying about being alone

* Every date you go on requires knee pads and the Morning After Pill…if this is you, you’s a nasty bish and your p*ssy needs a vacation…on top of a pedastal preferrably til you learn how to respect it

* You get the D on a regular, but your lights are bout to get cut off and your rent is late. I’m not saying sell your arse but time is money and my sugar walls don’t get moist when I’m laying on my back wondering if the sheriff is going to forcibly assist me in moving at anytime.

* Ninjas know your arse when they see it, but not your face (Girl you a tip drill, you a tip drill – Billy)

* Every time the Pastor get to referencing hoes for an altar call, you the first one crying and running down there…err Sunday. Okay, clearly my Jesus is doing His part…please do yours and get your isht together….I’m bout tied of seeing you crying in your club dress and 5 inch neon green stilettos at the altar…this isht is ri-d*mn-diculous

If one or more of these points have struck a nerve, please find the nearest pedastal and cop a squat on it IMMEDIATELY. You do not have time to waste. I know you wondering, “But Favor, what is I’m gone do about my hoe ways?” Well, why you marinate and brainstorm on your transgressions, I’ma get on researching 10 Ways To Keep Your P*ssy On A Pedastal for next week. I gotta research cause my p*ssy is on a pedastal always.

Yo sister in Christ,



The Etherization Continues

The saga continues. Now the proprietors of niggadry, WorldStarHipHop have got into the game. Check out this hilarious cartoon of the reactions of Spectacular’s “challengers”.


Don’t Be Mad, UPS Is Hiring.

Um, sir, I don’t think your publicity stunt is reaching it’s target demographic.


Imma Put You To Bed, Bed, Bed


Ever show up to your girlfriends house expecting some vajayjay and have to settle for head instead? Well this is WAY worse. In an effort to crack down on Craigslist prostitution, a sting operation was conducted on 41 yr old Helen Bedd. She promised the “full service encounter” in person while advertising “man rubs.” What the cops didn’t expect was to be rubbed by a man. Helen Bedd turned out to be Arthur Ramos. No matter what set he claimed, he was arrested for soliciting and asked cops, “what’s the big deal, prostitution is the oldest profession in the world.”


The Realest Shit I Ever Wrote

Cruising Necole Bitchie, there was a groupie account of having sex with Ludacris. The fact that these hoes are on the internet sharing their slutty tales upsets my inner being but the commentary courtesy of Ms. Bitchie sums up this whole story for me. And I quote,

I hate to be blunt but why do groupies expect anything more than to get fucked? Especially if you screwing someone on the first date. I wouldn’t expect anythimg more than a dick in the box

Chuch, tabernacle, preach, Amen.

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