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Say It Ain’t So, A Special Report

Rumor mill has it that Frankie…Keyshia Cole’s mother, is pregnant. I promise to my everlasting Heavenly Father on high that if this is true, yall gone have to see me on the other side in a PYT video w/MJ,James Brown and Rick James I’m Rich Bish cause this is some straight bullshat! I mean, I’m trying to understand this madness…but my friend said that its the fact that she can take them dentures out and suck a man’s balls through his toes that’s got ’em shook. *shout out to NBA…I’m still recovering from this statement* Fellas, please let me know is this one of the deal breakers that will have you forgetting all about child support payments, pushing strollers at the superbowl and turning in your singles for the strip club for coupons for pullups? What’s really good?

So classy.

-Favor is clearly not fair as shown above please respect it deal with it…SMH


Pacman Be Damned

Back like I left something after a hiatus. The fuckery doesn’t stop so neither do I. It would seem that only my black ass is in a recession because Plies is filthy fuckin rich. To promote his new single “Plenty Money” the “rapper” (if you want to call him that) got a set of models to throw $50k into the audience. There were 22,000 people in the audience so imagine my surprise when I didn’t hear about riots. This is right up there with T-Pizzle and his big ass chain. I guess money and fools are soon parted. He should be giving that cash to a worthy cause, like my student loan payments.


Niggerdom On The Decline

Finally this recession is good for something.  Thanks to declining sales, these rappers have less money for jewrry.  It’s reported that Hip Hop sales are down 20% while Rock sales are only down 6.5%.  It’s my hope that robberies increase for people who still rock that shit when everyone else is broke.  Unfortunately we still have some people engaging in niggardry, says Young Jeezy

The whole recession concept was like, ‘Okay, it’s fucked up out here but we gonna get through it. And here’s some good music to get you through it,'” Jeezy explained. “And everything I’ma give you is gonna be an anthem. I’m not gonna sit here and try to rap you to death. So it wasn’t really like I was gonna sit there and make 18 tracks about the recession. It wouldn’t have made sense.

Yet in your main hit from the album you talk about your Lambo and the matching rims. This is like that nigger who didn’t want to be free when everyone was leaving the plantation, he just ain’t ready.


See, It’s Not Just Us

paul_congemiEven white folk are serious about their chicken. Mayoral Candidate Paul Congemi does NOT fuck around when it comes to his chicken. After ordering a KFC 8 (Damn!!) piece chicken meal, he was apparently unsatisfied with what he recieved. He then proceeded to curse out the staff (He must not have heard about the Waffle House) to the point where the authorities had to be called. After being escorted out of the KFC, he also cussed out the cops while yelling “I’m not a fucking criminal, I’m not getting in the car.” After the whole ordeal, he handed out campagn literature. If he gets this amped over chicken, imagine how he’d do with the St. Petersburg budget. He’s got my vote.


Mug Shots


It’s been a minute since our friends at The Weekly Vice have graced our pages but when they come back, they bring the fuckery full force. In an effort to collect titty residue, 25 year old Thomas Williams was caught with several ladies undergarments in his home. He collected the items through burglaries in a 3 year period. Found in his domicile was,

Over 276 panties, 38 bras, 58 bottles of perfume and various other items believed to have been stolen.

Now that’s a LOT of pantydrawls. I’m wondering if he was picky about his items though. I mean, if you’re going to steal some underwear, lets steer clear of the period panties. (Don’t act like you don’t have some, ladies). Did he steal from the big guls? Either way, this is a wonderful way to start the day. Where my freaks at???


What Are You Negroes Doing???

Being a graduate of an HBCU, this shit is the WORST. In a report done by the Associated Press it was found that only 29% of black males graduate from HBCU’s in 6 years. 29 GOTDAMN PERCENT. This is why we can’t get ahead as a people. Ok, you’re going to college, good for you but damn, how bout you GRADUATE!!! I know we’ve all been on a campus and have seen the same negroes, in the same spot at 9:00, 12:00, 5:00 and then they wonder why they’re failing classes. Or better yet, you come back for homecoming 3 years after you graduated on time and they STILL don’t have a degree. I hate you people.


If You Can’t Grow It, Sew It

But make sure it stays in place. Britney’s Circus tour has been doing better than crack in the ghetto but there’s bound to be a snafu here and there. I heard her stylist got tied up in Lace and Leather and beaten after this particular show. I laughed until everything was a Blur.

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